The Vois

 Commissioned by Geoff Stern Art Space Berlin/São Paulo, “The Vois” is a 8-channel sound installation piece by artist duo Siedl/Cao.

In a society where machine sometimes rules human, where virtual world takes over the reality, paradoxically we always want to make machine be like human, to synthesize manlike complex abilities from new media, to create something direct by indirect system. Duo Siedl/Cao research on this usual effort by fabricating a humanoid voice which has its own moving space, created by modular synthesizer, processed clarinet and prepared daxophone.

Geoff Stern Art Space was originally a multifunctional art project space. Its idiosyncratic exhibitions during the first four years of its existence included not only sound art but also visual and performance art, with an emphasis on live experimental music.

Geoff Stern Art Space is an international platform for contemporary sound art, with a commercial gallery located in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district and São Paulo.