The usual nexus

“The usual nexus” reflects on the dualities between being and doing, between human and machine, the visible and the invisible, being stylized and being natural, intentional and unintentional performance, being direct and indirect. “The usual nexus” is a research on the interface between sound art, music and experimental theatre. This site-specific work is different from other performances and installations in the way that the process of installing the artwork is the performance itself, in other words, the performance is an integral part of the transient sound installation.The mechanism of energy transformation through a series of connectors (nexus) and its occurring artefacts plays an important role in the work, e.g. changes of light create movements of a servo motor and in turn creates electro-acoustic sounds, and vice versa. The two artists believe in the philosophy that things are found in the process rather than at the target itself. Therefore their focus is on the process of constructing, triggering, transforming and translating one form of energy or signal to the other.Transdisciplinary work for 2 performers, sensors, motors, lights, modular synthesizer, objects and midi algorithm. Duration: 45 minutes