• FEB. 20. – Cao Keller Siedl, „Sur le Fil“, Hippocampus #2, Studios8, Klosterneuburg, Austria
  • FEB. 19. – Cao Keller Siedl, „Sur le Fil“, Der Blöde dritte Mittwoch Concert Series, GrillX, Vienna, Austria



  • DEC. 18. – „Serious Series“ Festival with Trio Cao-Keller-Siedl, at Uferstudios, Berlin, Germany


  • DEC. 14. – Workshop: Multidisciplinary composition, multimedia and participatory sound installations by Siedl/Cao, at „Espacia Ceibo“, La Prensa 333, San Antonio de Padua
  • DEC. 6. – “Music meeting” – Buenos Aires & Vienna, Siedl/Cao with Sam Nacht, Juan Marco Litrica & UDLI Ensemble, at CheLa, Buenos Aires
  • DEC. 1. – Improvisation concert with Catriel Nievas at Oceanario Club, Buenos Aires
  • NOV. 29. – Siedl/Cao, Still House Plants, Los Gauchos Zombies, Lara Alarcón, Jimena Martin, Roseti space, Buenos Aires
  • NOV. 28. – Workshop on trans-disciplinary and sound art at Universidad National de Quilmes, Department of composition, Buenos Aires


  • NOV. 25. – Workshop and improvisation concert with Felipe Araya at ’Arturo Alessandri Palma’ school, Santiago
  • NOV. 21. – Audio visual Performance of „Super Token“ at Relincha Festival, Valdivia at Image and Sound Laboratory (LIS) Laboratorio de Imagen y Sonido, Campus Cultural, Isla Teja, Valdivia
  • NOV. 21. – workshop on trans-disciplinary and sound art at Escuela de Artes Musicales & Sonoras UACH (Universidad Austral de Chile), Valdivia
  • NOV. 19. – Workshop and concert at Departamento de Musica de la Universidad de La Serena, La Serena
  • NOV. 10. – workshop on trans-disciplinary and sound art at Acefalo Festival, Aromatic Farm Los Aromos Limache, Valparaiso
  • NOV. 9. – Audio-visual performance „Super Token“ at Acefalo Festival, Valparaiso


  • OCT. 19. – November 9th: Exhibition of interactive participatory sound installation “Rediscover the forgotten treasure” at Taiping Elementary school, Tua-Tiu-Tiann International Festival of Arts, Taipei, Taiwan
  • OCT. 17. – Artist talk: The Stories in the Community – Art Making in Tua-Tiu-Tiann, TTTIFA Festival of Arts, Taipei, Taiwan
  • OCT. 17. – Performance: “Rediscover the forgotten treasure” with pupils of Taiping Elementary school, Tua-Tiu-Tiann International Festival of Arts, Taipei, Taiwan
  • OCT. 11. – “Super Token” at Taipei Contemporary Art Center, special version for Tua-Tiu-Tiann International Festival of Arts, Taipei, Taiwan
  • OCT. 8. – Sound walk in Dadaocheng neighborhood, Tua-Tiu-Tiann International Festival of Arts, Taipei, Taiwan
  • OCT. 1., 8., 15., 18. – Workshop on sound art at Taiping Elementary school, within the framework of Artists in Residency Program at Tua-Tiu-Tiann International Festival of Arts, Taipei, Taiwan


  • SEPT. 8. – Installation and live performance of “Radio Cloud” at Ars Electronica Festival Klangwolke, Linz, Austria


  • AUG. 17. – Audiovisual performance “Super Token” at Xarkis Festival
  • AUG. 16. – 18th: Interactive participatory “The voice of shadow” by Siedl/Cao at Xarkis Festival
  • AUG. 16. – Improvisation concert with traditional Cypriot musicians at “Ziafetti Fest”, Xarkis Festival


  • AUG.  2. – 11. Artists in Residency Program at EMS Elektronmusikstudion, Stockholm, Sweden


  • June 8. – Performance of “The usual nexus” at Ausland, Biegungen im Ausland concert series, Berlin, Germany


  • June 7. –Parallel Asteroid by Siedl/Cao at Construction Festival, Kultura Medialna, Dnipro, Ukraine


  • June 5. – Release Concert of CD “Optimistic Modernism” by Wolfgang Seidel, Cao Thanh Lan and Gregor Siedl, at KM 28, Berlin, Germany


  • May 18. – ZICLA by Siedl/Cao at Festiwal Muzykofilia 3: ars elektronika, at: Sala Wielka Dworu Artusa, Torun
  • May 17. – ZICLA by Siedl/Cao at Kolonia Artystow, Gdansk
  • May 15. – ZICLA by Siedl/Cao at Wolskie Centrum Kultury, Warsaw
  • May 14. – ZICLA by Siedl/Cao, Filharmonia Festival at Cultural Center Jazovia, Gliwice
  • May 13. – Performance of “The usual nexus” at Plajrekian sound art event series, Krakow


  • May 4. – Cao Keller Siedl trio at WIM Werkstatt fuer improvisierte Musik Zurich, Switzerland
  • April 30. – Cao Keller Siedl trio at FIM Forum for improvised music and dance, Basel, Switzerland


  • March 31. – Performance of “The usual nexus” by Siedl/Cao, Concert series: Audible-area, at Nu Space, Chengdu
  • March 24. – Performance of “The usual nexus” by Siedl/Cao, at LocalLand, Xi’An
  • March 23. – Interactive sound installations “Controlled Relativity” by Siedl/Cao, at Onto Art Space, Wuhan
  • March 22. – Performance of “The usual nexus” by Siedl/Cao, 403 Art Space, Red Chair Theater, Wuhan
  • March 17. – Interactive sound installations by Siedl/Cao, at Extra Time, Shanghai
  • March 16. – Performance of “The usual nexus” by Siedl/Cao, at Shang Hai Ming Contemporary Art Museum MCAM, Shanghai
  • March 15. – Performance of “The usual nexus” by Siedl/Cao, at Design and Art Museum, Hangzhou


  • Mar. 1. – Sound installations at Heritage Space, Hanoi
  • Feb. 25. – Performance of “Parallel Asteroid” at Salon Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Feb. 23. – Talk and live performance of “The usual nexus” – a performative interactive sound installation by duo Siedl/Cao, at Art Factory, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Feb. 17. – Release of album “Modulus of Resilience” by trio Cao Keller Siedl, on label Attenuation Circuit, Augsburg, Germany


  • Jan. 26. – Performance of “The usual nexus” by Siedl/Cao, at Mai Space, Chiang Mai
  • Jan. 25. – Siedl/Cao composer-performer lecture at Pranksit University – Conservatory of music, Bangkok
  • Jan. 24. – Siedl/Cao composer-performer lecture at Princess Galyani Vadhana Institute of Music, Bangkok
  • Jan. 23. – Siedl/Cao composer-performer lecture at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok
  • Jan. 18. – Closing concert of Siedl/Cao Workshop at Mahidol University, Bangkok
  • Jan. 16. – “Super Token” by Siedl/Cao at De Commune, Bangkok
  • Jan. 14., 15., 16., 17. – Siedl/Cao composer-performer workshop at Mahidol University, Bangkok



  • Dec. 27. – “Hanoi 1” – a series of performative and interactive sound installations by duo Siedl/Cao, at Manzi Gallery Hanoi
  • Dec. 21. – Collective Improvisation – Closing concert of Hanoi New Music Festival
  • Dec. 19. – “The usual nexus” – a performative interactive sound installation by duo Siedl/Cao, at Hanoi New Music Festival, Film Studio 4 Thuy Khue Hanoi
  • Dec. 9. – Closing performance of workshop “Say hello to your own masterpiece”, at Six Space, Hanoi
  • Dec. 7. – 8. – Interdisciplinary workshop “Say hello to your own masterpiece”, at Six Space, Hanoi
  • Dec. 2. – Workshop in collaboration with the Museum of Empathy, Hanoi


  • Nov. 20. – Liver version of ACGT sound installation and Radio Cloud installation at Polygon Art Space, Horanggasy Creative Studio, Gwangju
  • Nov. 17. – “The usual nexus”, Ryu Hankil & Lo Wie, at Watmm58, Seoul
  • Nov. 16. – “The usual nexus” performance at Yogiga Pal Gallery, Seoul
  • Nov. 15. – “The usual nexus” , Rémi Klemensiewicz, Inkyung Kim, Dotolim series, Seoul
  • Nov. 13. –  Lecture about audio-visual and multi-media composition at Sungshin University, Seoul


  • NOV. 10. – “The usual nexus” performance at Koganecho Residency, Yokohama
  • NOV. 8. – improvised music concert with Teruuchi Hisaharu & Tomoko Katabami at Shicho shitsu, Tokyo
  • NOV. 4. – improvised music concert with Toshimaru Nakamura & Tetuzi Akiyama, at Ftarri, Tokyo
  • NOV. 3. – improvised music concert with Toshimaru Nakamura & Tetuzi Akiyama, at Otooto, Tokyo
  • OCT. 29. – “The usual nexus” at FIGYA art space, Osaka
  • OCT. 28. – “The usual nexus” and Jerry Gordon at MIIT house, Osaka
  • OCT. 27. – “The usual nexus”, Yamazaki Maso a.k.a MASONNA, 透過性分子TOUKASEIBUNSHI and .es duo, Nomart Gallery, Osaka
  • OCT. 26. – improvised music concert with Masafumi Ezaki, Space Eauuu, Osaka
  • OCT. 24. – improvised music concert with Takashi Miyamoto and Siedl/Cao, enviroment zero-gauge, Osaka
  • OCT. 23. – improvised music concert with Shin’ichi Isohata, Takumi Seino and Siedl/Cao, at Chef-d’œuvre Gallery, Osaka
  • OCT. 18. – improvised music and calligraphy performance with Naoto Yamaghishi, Siedl/Cao and calligrapher Setsuhi Shiraishi, Tokyo
  • OCT. 15. – “The usual nexus”, Naoto Yamagishi, Guylaine and Irène and Jean-Sébastien Marriage, Tokyo
  • OCT. 13. – “The usual nexus” at Otooto, Tokyo


  • OCT. 8. – Primal Chaos – Dance x Sounds improvisation, HORSE Dance Theatre, Taipei
  • OCT. 7. – workshop closing concert on electro-acoustic music, Taipei
  • OCT. 6. – workshop on electro-acoustic music, Taipei
  • OCT. 5. – Taipei Contemporary Art Center (TCAC) – Taipei
  • OCT. 3. – improvisation concert at 3.10 – Sappho Jazz – Siedl/Cao with Terry Min-Yen Terry Hsieh and Shih-Yang Lee
  • SEPT. 29. – “The usual nexus” performance and presentation at Polymer Art Space,Taipei
  • SEPT. 30. – performance of Shivering Cactus at Jiang Shan Yi Gai Suo, Hsin-chu
  • SEPT. 29. – improvised music concert at Cochlea Labwith Fangyi Liu, Paul Lin and Siedl/Cao, Kaohsiung
  • SEPT. 22. – “The usual nexus” performance at Little Play, Taichung
  • SEPT. 16. – improvised music concert -„aMusic Space Odyssey” atReykjavik Lab, Taipei


  • July 1st – 7th – Workshops and closing concert for electro-acoustic music in Mohsen Gallery, a collaboration with Austrian Cultural Forum and Darbast Platform, Tehran, Iran
  • Juni 16th – Presentation of “The fifth cardinal direction” at Musiktheatertagen Vienna


  • June 3rd – Performance of Duo Siedl/Cao at CITADELIC Festival Gent, Belgium
  • May 28. – 29. – Duo Siedl/Cao work and perform with Performance group ORACLE, Kunstencentrum BUDA, Kortrijk, Belgium
  • May 25. – Performance of Duo Siedl/Cao in Troika, Gent, Belgium
  • MAY 24. – Presentation of  musictheater “DIE FÜNFTE HIMMELSRICHTUNG” engl. “The fifth cardinal direction” at Operadagen Rotterdam
  • MAY 21. – Trio Cao-Keller-Siedl concert at Celeste, Vienna, Austria
  • MAY 19. – Trio Cao-Keller-Siedl concert at Atelier Sachlink, Vienna, Austria
  • MAR. 12. – Concert of Duo Siedl/Cao in der Strengen Kammer, Porgy & Bess, Vienna, Austria
  • MAR. 9. – Broadcast of duo Siedl/Cao’s composition “V Construction” on Resonance FM, at 5am UK time


  • MAR. 2. – Concert with duo Siedl/Cao, Domdom center of experimental music Hanoi and japanese saxophonist/filmmaker Katsura Yamaguchi at Heritage Space, Hanoi
  • MAR. 28. – Closing concert of workshop “Ways of listening” at Six Space Gallery, Hanoi
  • MAR. 25.-27. – three day-workshop “Ways of listening” and presentation concert at Six Space Gallery, Hanoi


  • JAN. 10. – Concert at Tuck n Trap, Denpasar
  • JAN. 28. – 30.–  Workshop and Concert at Goethe Zentrum Surabaya, Pertemuan Musik, Surabaya
  • JAN. 27. – Performance at Houtenhand, Malang
  • JAN. 23. – Workshop and Concert with students of Indonesian Institute of The Art Yogyakarta
  • JAN. 22. – Performance at campus ISI Art College, Solo
  • JAN. 21. – Performance at Jogja Noise Bombing Festival, Yogyakarta
  • JAN. 19. – Performance at Ruang Alternative, Cirebon
  • JAN 17. – Performance at Spasial, Bandung
  • JAN. 16. – Workshop and Concert at SAE Institute Jakarta, organised by Pertemuan Musik, Jakarta


  • JAN. 12. – Cao Keller Siedl at WIM Bern, Switzerland
  • JAN. 9. – Cao Keller Siedl at Atelier Schönegg, Januarloch Festival, Zürich, Switzerland


  • DEC. 20. – Zicla at Rhiz: Der blöde dritte Mittwoch, Vienna, Austria


  • NOV. 17. Duo Siedl/Cao at Manzi Art Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • NOV. 15. The Fifth Cardinal Direction, Opera Hanoi, Vietnam
  • NOV. 13. The Fifth Cardinal Direction, UA, Academy of music Ho-Chi-Minh City, Vietnam
  • OCT. 18. JUNK ORBIT (Burkhard Beins, Cao Thanh Lan, Nicola Hein, Gregor Siedl), Malmö, Sweden
  • OCT. 17. JUNK ORBIT (Burkhard Beins, Cao Thanh Lan, Nicola Hein, Gregor Siedl), Västerås, Sweden
  • OCT. 14. Oda Mathilde (cello), Carolyn Goodwin (clarinet), Wojtek Bajdaat (calrinet), Gregor Siedl (clarinet), Improviser Summit 2017 at Sowieso, Berlin
  • OCT. 13, rrrchestra (Dan Peter Sundland, Liz Kosack, Jim Black, Steve Heather, Samuel Hall, Joe Smith, Brad Henkel, Peter Hanson, Otis Sandsjö, Gregor Siedl, Caroline Cecilia Tallone,  Julia Reidy, Cansu Tanrıkulu, Yoshiko Klein) at West Germany, Berlin
  • OCT. 8. Cao-Keller-Siedl, Hosek Contemporary
  • OCT. 7. Cao-Keller-Siedl, Neu West Berlin
  • OCT. 6. Cao-Keller-Siedl, Spektrum Berlin
  • OCT. 4. Tanrıkulu-Stepanov-Aaron-Siedl at Freaksdorf, Berlin
  • SEPT. 21. Zicla at Interpenetrations, Graz, Austria
  • SEPT. 19. Zicla at VELAK Gala #97, Wien
  • SEPT. 13. Duo Benjamin Vergara (tp) & Gregor Siedl (sop.s.), Duo Lan Cao & Liz Kozack, Duo ImmLau at Neu West Berlin


  • 5th September: ZICLA composition seminar at Monash University, Melbourne
  • 5th September: ZICLA at Make It Up Club, Melbourne. Special guests: Alice Bennett – bass-flute and Ryan Williams – recorders
  • 4th September: ZICLA Work presentation at Box Hill Institute, Melbourne
  • 2nd September: at BENDIGO – International Festival of Exploratory Music with Samuel Dunscombe, Michiko Ogawa and Argonaut Clarinet Orchestra
  • 29th August: ZICLA at Now now concert Series, Bohemian Grove, Sydney
  • 25th August: Nights at Tempe #8, ZICLA & Laura Altman, Concert Series by Splinter Orchestra
  • 22nd August: ZICLA & Trio Rogue Three (Hannah Reardon-Smith – flute, Brodie Mcallister – trombone and Ryan Williams – recorder) at Burrow Art Gallery, Brisbane
  • 19th August: Made Now Music presents: ZICLA at Night of duets at Jugglers Art Space, Brisbane
  • 2nd August: ZICLA Concert with Janne Tuomi at Validi Karkia Klubi in Pori, Finland
  • 23rd July: Workshop with ZICLA at TEMPORARY, Helsinki
  • 22nd July: with Lauri Hyvärinen, Jone Takamäki and ZICLA at Asbestos Art Space, Helsinki
  • 6. July: “Game of Tones” with Yorgos Dimitriadis (GR), Rieko Okuda (JP), Antti Virtaranta (FI), Benjamin Sauzereau (FR), Frans van Isacker (BE), Nicolas Chkifi (BE), Gregor Siedl (AT) at Club der polnischen Versager, Berlin
  • 5. July: Freaksdorf 19: DOKO & indiscreet jewels, IPA Bar, Berlin
  • 2.+3.July: DOKO, Studio-recording at Zentrifuge, Berlin
  • 1th July: DOKO, duo with Nicolas Chkifi / ImmLau / Love Triangle, at Neu West Berlin, Berlin
  • 28. June: with Korhan Erel at Sowieso, Berlin
  • 24th June: with Wolfgang Seidel and ZICLA, Krautrock reading and concert, IDA nowhere, Berlin
  • 14th June: ZICLA at Hosek Contemporary, Berlin
  • 2nd June: with Beat Keller and Cao Thanh Lan at WIM Zürich, Switzerland
  • 30th May: with Audrey Chen, Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø, Chang Deng-Yao, Cao Thanh Lan, Loophole, Berlin
  • 28th May: Zicla, UFF Club Wroclav, Poland
  • 27th May: Zicla, TBC, Poland
  • 25th May: No Shit Sherlock (Nana Pi, Mia Dyberg, Gregor Siedl), three prepared saxophones, at Neu West Berlin
  • 21st May: Les Chroniques de l´Inutile, at Roskam, Brussles, Belgium
  • 20th May: Les Chroniques de l´Inutile, Sounds Jazz Club, Brussels, Belgium
  • 19th May: Les Chroniques de l´Inutile, De Koer, Ghent, Belgium
  • 17th May: with Korhan Erel, Sabine Vogel and Cao Thanh Lan at Spektrum, Berlin
  • 12th May: Parallel Asteroid at Die Zentrale Gallery, Vienna, Austria
  • 30th April: Zicla at Studio 8, Berlin, Germany
  • 5th – 7thApril: Le Thanh Ho, Album Release Tour, Germany
  • 4th April: Le Thanh Ho, Album Release Concert at Sputnik, Berlin


  • 22nd April: Concert with Marcelo Maira and Cristian Alvear, Santiago
  • 21st April: Performance with Felipe Araya at CPI Session, Santiago
  • 20th April: Workshop and Concert  with ensemble “Septiembre” and Esteban Correa at Departamento de Música de la Universidad de La Serena, La Serena
  • 18th April: Workshop at Departamento de Música de la Universidad de La Serena, La Serena
  • 17th April: Concert with Luis ToTo Alvarez at Escuela Universitaria de Musica, Valparaiso
  • 16th April: concert at Ciudad Abierta, La Ritoque
  • 15th April: Concert with Luis ToTo Alvarez, Valparaiso
  • 14th – 16th April: Residency and concert performance at Ciudad Abierta, La Ritoque


  • 13th April: Zicla with Lucia Chamorro – at Taller Quitapenas, Montevideo – pre-event of International Festival of Sound Art -Monteaudio17, Montevideo
  • 12th April: Zicla with Sebastian Alonso and Verónica Mieres – at Casa Mario, Montevideo


  • 9th April: Parallel Asteroid with Patricia Martinez at cheLA Center of experimental Art, Technology and Community, Buenos Aires,
  • 8th April: Zicla with Fabiana Galante – Concert series: Instantes sonoros – at Domus Artis Cultural Centre, Buenos Aires
  • 7th April: Kaleidorama arte contemporaneo – Conciertos Capital  del Oeste (CCO), at Castellar
  • 6th April: ATOM Cultural Center,, Adresse: Bolivar 933, C1066AAS Buenos Aires
  • 6th April: Workshop at Conservatorio Superior de Musica de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires „ Astor Piazzolla“
  • 5th April: Performance with improv ensemble UDLI (the utility of the useless), Moron, Buenos Aires
  • 12th March: Noiseberg, Berlin
  • 4th March: Zicla at Gallery Nomad, Berlin
  • 1st March: Fischerlehner&Siedl at Sowieso, Berlin
  • 17th February: with “Die Diplomaten” at Kursalon Hübner, Wien
  • 12th February: Zicla at Miss Hecker, Berlin
  • 25th January: Zicla and Beat Keller at Laboratory Okerstrasse, Berlin
  • 20th January: Zicla at Klangkeller concert series, Berlin
  • 14th January: Les Chroniques de l´Inutile at WALTER, Brussels
  • 5th January: Zicla at Bröhan Museum – concert series: Musicians meet Art Nouveau, Berlin


  • 12th December: Zicla at Club der Polnischen Versager, Berlin
  • 25th November: Parallel Asteroid at Spektrum, Berlin


  • 3rd November: Parallel Asteroid, Min-Yen Hsieh, Trio Da-Mo at Sappho, Taipei
  • 2nd November: Parallel Asteroid, Min-Yen Hsieh and Sonic Deadhorse at Jiang Shan Yi Gai Suo, Hsinchu
  • 2nd November: Masterclass at National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu
  • 1st November: Parallel Asteroid and Min-Yen Hsieh at Senkoissha Vinyl Warehouse, Taipei
  • 31st October: Music meeting with Yawen Chang, Li-Chin Li, Hsiao-Feng Lin, Yuan-Hui, Xiu-Shang Wang – at Nan Hai Gallery, Taipei


  • 29th October: Parallel Asteroid and Torturing Nurse and special guests at Noishanghai, Space 631, Shanghai
  • 28th October: Torturing Nurse, Acid, Mai Mai and Parallel Asteroid – at Chronus Art Center, Shanghai
  • 27th October: Parallel Asteroid at Basement 6 Collective, Shanghai
  • 26th October: Tanbo (Tantan & Eric Bribosia), Peipei and Parallel Asteroid, – at Vox Live House, Wuhan
  • 23rd October: Parallel Asteroid presents new compositions – at Maybe Mars Records
  • 22nd October: Parallel Asteroid  with Mind Fiber (Li Jianhong &Vavabond), Soviet Pop (Li Qing & Li Weisi) – at Fruity Space, Beijing
  • 22nd October: Workshop presentation at Meridian Space, Beijing
  • 21st October: Concert with Zhu Wenbo, Duo Zhao Cong & Ake – at Meridian Space, Beijing
  • 18th October: Concert with Changcun Wang (electronics, composition) and Tanbo (Tantan & Eric Bribosia) – at Loopy, Hangzhou
  • 22nd September: Duo Yan Jun – Seiji Morimoto, Parallel Asteroid at 15th Year Anniversary Concert of Club der Polnischen Versager, Berlin, Germany
  • 17th September: Parallel Asteroid and Casey Moir at Miss Hecker, Berlin
  • 10th September: Parallel Asteroid at Nomad Gallery – Wedding Kulturfestival, Berlin


  • 23rd July: Concert with Diogo de Haro – at O Sitio, Florianopolis
  • 18th July: Parallel Asteroid at FIME – Festival Internacional de Musica Experimental, Sao Paulo
  • 16th July: Parallel Asteroid and Ivisibili Cidades, Sao Paulo
  • 14th July: Performance with Thomas Rohrer, Bella, Ricardo Dias Gomes and PL Jean – at MAM Museo de arte moderna, Rio de Janeiro
  • 13th July: Performance with Tali Serruya, Juliana Wähner and Camila Valenzuela Moguillansky – at CAPACETE art space and residency, Rio de Janeiro
  • 11th July: Parallel Asteroid with Ricardo Dias Gomes – at Audio Rebel, Rio de Janeiro
  • 28th June: DuoSubRosa feat. Mia Dyberg, Parallel Asteroid at SONoRA#5, Berlin
  • 18th May: Parallel Asteroid at Donau 115, Berlin
  • 13th May: Black Page Ensemble, Parallel Asteroid at Hidden Institute Berlin
  • 30th April: Triple bill – Richard Scott solo / Parallel Asteroid + Delmore Fx/ Le Thanh Ho + Panza, at Salon am Moritzplatz, Berlin
  • 29th April: Parallel Asteroid at Klangkeller Concert series, Berlin
  • 27th April: Parallel Asteroid at Nussbreite, Berlin
  • 15th April: Concert with Leo Dupleix, at Peppi Gugenheim, Berlin
  • 14th April: Daichi Yoshikawa + Leo Dupleix, Parallel Asteroid – at Club der Polnischen Versager, Berlin
  • 11th April: Parallel Asteroid and Leo Dupleix at Sentimental Punk series – at Kottishop, Berlin
  • 10th April: Concert at Miss Hecker, Berlin


  • 3rd April: Performance with Ura Hirojuki, Mutsumi Komatsu, Chisa Hirosue – at Omise Space, Tokyo
  • 2nd April: Parallel Asteroid with Naoto Yamagishi – at L-E, Tokyo
  • 31st March: Parallel Asteroid at Kissa-Sakaiki, Tokyo
  • 27th March: Performance with Jerry Gordon, Shin’ichi Isohata  and Chikako Bando (dance) – at MIIT House, Osaka
  • 26th March: Triple bill – Sara Hashimoto and Takayuki Hashimoto, Duo Naoyo Yakushi and Shin’ichi Osohata, Parallel Asteroid – at Nomart Gallery, Osaka
  • 24th March: Parallel Asteroid at Cafe Muriwui, Tokyo
  • 23rd March: Concert with Hisaharu Terruchi – at Knuttel House, Tokyo
  • 21st March: Concert with Tetuzi Akiyama and Ura Hirojuki, at Apollo, Tokyo
  • 20th March: Parallel Asteroid, Tetuzi Akiyama and Ura Hirojuki , at Ftarri, Tokyo
  • 27th February: Concert at Nussbreite  feat. Brad Henkel, Berlin, Germany
  • 17th January: Concert with Tri Minh (electronics) at Festival Krieg Singen, at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin


  • 17th November: Parallel Asteroid at Loophole, Berlin
  • 7th November: Parallel Asteroid and the Belgian Delegation – Benjamin Sauzereau (guitar solo), Van Isacker and Chkifi – at Donau 115, Berlin
  • 16th October: Parallel Asteroid and Gehölzpflege, at Beiruth, Berlin
  • 8th October: Afterburner+ Brad Henkel, Parallel Asteroid, at Donau 115, Berlin
  • 7th October: Brad Henkel and Parallel Asteroid, at Nussbreite, Berlin
  • 27th September – 4th October: Recordings with Swiss Army Wife, RRR Duo and the Swiss 3, Berlin
  • 27th September: Concert with Etienne Nillesen and Florian Zwissler, at Club der Polnischen Versager, Berlin
  • 26th September: Concert with Etienne Nillesen and Florian Zwissler, at Mainzer 7 Kulturraum, Berlin
  • 16th September: Xenofox (Olaf Rupp + Rudi Fischerlehner) and Parallel Asteroid, at Green House, Berlin
  • 28th June: Parallel Asteroid + Rudi Fischerlehner + Emilio Gordoa, Gumbo Series #18, at Green House, Berlin
  • 24th June: Concert at Laboratory Okerstrasse, Berlin
  • 14th June: Concert with Caroline Cecilia Tallone (hurdi gurdi, objects), Rudi Fischerlehner ,  at Club der Polnischen Versager, Berlin
  • 10th June: The Dust Bunny Prophecy//Kürvers/Nana Pi, at Donau 115, Berlin
  • 30th May: Parallel Asteroid at 30 Jahre Berbo Jazz
  • 7th May: Double concert – duo RRR and Parallel Asteroid, at Donau 115, Berlin


  • 1st May: Concert of Parallel Asteroid and Domdom Hanoi musicians, Manzi Art Space, Hanoi
  • 22nd April: Closing Concert of the workshop from Parallel Asteroid and musicians of Domdom – Center of Experimental music and Arts, at L’espace – Institut Francais, Hanoi
  • 16th Aril to 22nd April: Parallel Asteroid gives workshop on improvisation and contemporary music at Domdom – Center of Experimental music and Arts, Hanoi
  • 28th February: Parallel Asteroid at Donau 115, Berlin, Germany
  • 23rd February: Concert at Ma Thilda, Berlin
  • 15th January: Parallel Asteroid at Ma Thilda, Berlin
  • 10th January: Parallel Asteroid at Nussbreite, Berlin


  • 14th December: Parallel Asteroid at Quiet Cue Berlin – 5th Anniversary Festival
  • 8th November: Concert at Donau 115, Berlin
  • 30th October: Parallel Asteroid at T-Berlin
  • 8th October: Parallel Asteroid at T-Berlin
  • 7th October: Concert with Brad Henkel, Liz Kosack, Lennart Heyndels, at Club der Polnischen Versager, Berlin
  • 5th October: Parallel Asteroid at “Rosi ich bin im Park”, Berlin
  • 13th September: Parallel Asteroid at Festival Kölner Musiknacht, Cologne
  • 11th September: Concert of Project ” House/Home” at Frischzelle Festival for Intermediale Performance
  • 8th September: Concert at Stadtgarten Köln, Outskirts Series #8, Cologne
  • 1st June: “Berührungen II” performance at Kunsthaus Rhenania – Musiklabor series, Cologne
  • 28th – “House/home” interdisciplinary multimedia concert – at Aula (concert hall) of Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln
  • 26th – “House/home” interdisciplinary multimedia concert – at Kunsthaus Rhenania, Cologne

Vietnam tour

  • 24th to 28th: workshop on improvisation and contemporary music at Domdom – Center of Experimental music and Arts, Hanoi
  • 28th February: Closing Concert of the workshop from Parallel Asteroid and musicians of Domdom – Center of Experimental music and Arts, at Hanoi College of Art
  • 27th February: Concert with Parallel Asteroid and Domdom musicians, at Hanoi Rock City, Hanoi


  • 18th December: Parallel Asteroid at Porgy & Bess – in der Strengen Kammer, Vienna, Austria
  • 9th November: Parallel Asteroid at Lange Nacht der Museen (Long night of Museum), Kunsthaus Rhenania, Cologne, Germany
  • 8th September: “Osmosis” project at STROM Festival for experimental music, Kunsthaus Rhenania Cologne
  • 7th September: “Osmosis” concert at LOFT, Cologne
  • 13th July: MOPS! performance art and improvisation at Atelier Colonia, Cologne
  • 4th July: Parallel Asteroid at Zimmermann, Cologne
  • 25th June: Parallel Asteroid perform “Unknown Identity” – new composition by Sergej Maingardt dedicated to Parallel Asteroid, at Concert hall of Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln
  • 5th June: Concert with Stefan Schönegg and Nicola Hein, at Atomisches Cafe, Cologne
  • 26th June: MOMENT! project – Tanz und Musikimprovisation, at Alte Feuerwache, Cologne
  • 6th June: Parallel Asteroid and Saku Mattila at Roter Platz, Cologne
  • 6th Mai: Concert of Parallel Asteroid and Yoshio Klein, Elisabeth Fügemann, Floria Nica, at Kunsthaus Rhenania, Cologne
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