20th December: Zicla at Rhiz: Der blöde dritte Mittwoch, Vienna, Austria

21st September: Zicla at Interpenetrationen, Graz, Austria

Australia Tour:

  • 5th September: Zicla at Make It Up Club, Melbourne. Special guests: Vincent Giles – electronics and Alice Bennett – flute
  • 4th September: Zicla Work presentation at Box Hill Institute, Melbourne
  • Date TBD: Composition Seminar at Monash University

8th August: with Samuel Dunscombe and Lan Cao at Hosek Contemporary, Berlin

22nd July: with Lauri Hyvärinen, Jone Takamäki and ZICLA at Asbestos Art Space, Helsinki

5th July: DOKO, duo with Nicolas Chkifi, Hosek Contemporary, Berlin

24th June: with Wolfgang Seidel and ZICLA at IDA nowhere, Berlin

14th June: ZICLA at Hosek Contemporary, Berlin

2nd June: with Beat Keller and Cao Thanh Lan at WIM Zürich, Switzerland

30th May: with Audrey Chen, Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø, Chang Deng-Yao, Cao Thanh Lan, Loophole, Berlin

28th May: Zicla, UFF Club Wroclav, Poland

27th May: Zicla, TBC, Poland

21st May: Les Chroniques de l´Inutile, at Roskam, Brussles, Belgium

20th May: Les Chroniques de l´Inutile, Sounds Jazz Club, Brussels, Belgium

19th May: Les Chroniques de l´Inutile, De Koer, Ghent, Belgium

17th May: with Korhan Erel, Sabine Vogel and Cao Thanh Lan at Spektrum, Berlin

12th May: Parallel Asteroid at Die Zentrale Gallery, Vienna, Austria

30th April: Zicla at Studio 8, Berlin, Germany

5th – 7thApril: Le Thanh Ho, Album Release Tour, Germany

4th April: Le Thanh Ho, Album Release Concert at Sputnik, Berlin

Chile Tour

  • 22nd April: Concert with Marcelo Maira and Cristian Alvear, Santiago
  • 21st April: Performance with Felipe Araya at CPI Session, Santiago
  • 20th April: Workshop and Concert  with ensemble “Septiembre” and Esteban Correa at Departamento de Música de la Universidad de La Serena, La Serena
  • 18th April: Workshop at Departamento de Música de la Universidad de La Serena, La Serena
  • 17th April: Concert with Luis ToTo Alvarez at Escuela Universitaria de Musica, Valparaiso
  • 16th April: concert at Ciudad Abierta, La Ritoque
  • 15th April: Concert with Luis ToTo Alvarez, Valparaiso
  • 14th – 16th April: Residency and concert performance at Ciudad Abierta, La Ritoque

Uruguay Tour

  • 13th April: Zicla with Lucia Chamorro – at Taller Quitapenas, Montevideo – pre-event of International Festival of Sound Art -Monteaudio17, Montevideo
  • 12th April: Zicla with Sebastian Alonso and Verónica Mieres – at Casa Mario, Montevideo

Argentina Tour

  • 9th April: Parallel Asteroid with Patricia Martinez at cheLA Center of experimental Art, Technology and Community, Buenos Aires,
  • 8th April: Zicla with Fabiana Galante – Concert series: Instantes sonoros – at Domus Artis Cultural Centre, Buenos Aires
  • 7th April: Kaleidorama arte contemporaneo – Conciertos Capital  del Oeste (CCO), at Castellar
  • 6th April: ATOM Cultural Center,, Adresse: Bolivar 933, C1066AAS Buenos Aires
  • 6th April: Workshop at Conservatorio Superior de Musica de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires „ Astor Piazzolla“
  • 5th April: Performance with improv ensemble UDLI (the utility of the useless), Moron, Buenos Aires

12th March: Noiseberg, Berlin

4th March: Zicla at Gallery Nomad, Berlin

1st March: Fischerlehner&Siedl at Sowieso, Berlin

17th February: with “Die Diplomaten” at Kursalon Hübner, Wien

12th February: Zicla at Miss Hecker, Berlin

25th January: Zicla and Beat Keller at Laboratory Okerstrasse, Berlin

20th January: Zicla at Klangkeller concert series, Berlin

14th January: Les Chroniques de l´Inutile at WALTER, Brussels

5th January: Zicla at Bröhan Museum – concert series: Musicians meet Art Nouveau, Berlin


12th December: Zicla at Club der Polnischen Versager, Berlin

25th November: Parallel Asteroid at Spektrum, Berlin

Taiwan Tour

  • 3rd November: Parallel Asteroid, Min-Yen Hsieh, Trio Da-Mo at Sappho, Taipei
  • 2nd November: Parallel Asteroid, Min-Yen Hsieh and Sonic Deadhorse at Jiang Shan Yi Gai Suo, Hsinchu
  • 2nd November: Masterclass at National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu
  • 1st November: Parallel Asteroid and Min-Yen Hsieh at Senkoissha Vinyl Warehouse, Taipei
  • 31st October: Music meeting with Yawen Chang, Li-Chin Li, Hsiao-Feng Lin, Yuan-Hui, Xiu-Shang Wang – at Nan Hai Gallery, Taipei

China Tour

  • 29th October: Parallel Asteroid and Torturing Nurse and special guests at Noishanghai, Space 631, Shanghai
  • 28th October: Torturing Nurse, Acid, Mai Mai and Parallel Asteroid – at Chronus Art Center, Shanghai
  • 27th October: Parallel Asteroid at Basement 6 Collective, Shanghai
  • 26th October: Tanbo (Tantan & Eric Bribosia), Peipei and Parallel Asteroid, – at Vox Live House, Wuhan
  • 23rd October: Parallel Asteroid presents new compositions – at Maybe Mars Records
  • 22nd October: Parallel Asteroid  with Mind Fiber (Li Jianhong &Vavabond), Soviet Pop (Li Qing & Li Weisi) – at Fruity Space, Beijing
  • 22nd October: Workshop presentation at Meridian Space, Beijing
  • 21st October: Concert with Zhu Wenbo, Duo Zhao Cong & Ake – at Meridian Space, Beijing
  • 18th October: Concert with Changcun Wang (electronics, composition) and Tanbo (Tantan & Eric Bribosia) – at Loopy, Hangzhou

22nd September: Duo Yan Jun – Seiji Morimoto, Parallel Asteroid at 15th Year Anniversary Concert of Club der Polnischen Versager, Berlin, Germany

17th September: Parallel Asteroid and Casey Moir at Miss Hecker, Berlin

10th September: Parallel Asteroid at Nomad Gallery – Wedding Kulturfestival, Berlin

Brazil Tour

  • 23rd July: Concert with Diogo de Haro – at O Sitio, Florianopolis
  • 18th July: Parallel Asteroid at FIME – Festival Internacional de Musica Experimental, Sao Paulo
  • 16th July: Parallel Asteroid and Ivisibili Cidades, Sao Paulo
  • 14th July: Performance with Thomas Rohrer, Bella, Ricardo Dias Gomes and PL Jean – at MAM Museo de arte moderna, Rio de Janeiro
  • 13th July: Performance with Tali Serruya, Juliana Wähner and Camila Valenzuela Moguillansky – at CAPACETE art space and residency, Rio de Janeiro
  • 11th July: Parallel Asteroid with Ricardo Dias Gomes – at Audio Rebel, Rio de Janeiro

28th June: DuoSubRosa feat. Mia Dyberg, Parallel Asteroid at SONoRA#5, Berlin

18th May: Parallel Asteroid at Donau 115, Berlin

13th May: Black Page Ensemble, Parallel Asteroid at Hidden Institute Berlin

30th April: Triple bill – Richard Scott solo / Parallel Asteroid + Delmore Fx/ Le Thanh Ho + Panza, at Salon am Moritzplatz, Berlin

29th April: Parallel Asteroid at Klangkeller Concert series, Berlin

27th April: Parallel Asteroid at Nussbreite, Berlin

15th April: Concert with Leo Dupleix, at Peppi Gugenheim, Berlin

14th April: Daichi Yoshikawa + Leo Dupleix, Parallel Asteroid – at Club der Polnischen Versager, Berlin

11th April: Parallel Asteroid and Leo Dupleix at Sentimental Punk series – at Kottishop, Berlin

10th April: Concert at Miss Hecker, Berlin

Japan Tour

  • 3rd April: Performance with Ura Hirojuki, Mutsumi Komatsu, Chisa Hirosue – at Omise Space, Tokyo
  • 2nd April: Parallel Asteroid with Naoto Yamagishi – at L-E, Tokyo
  • 31st March: Parallel Asteroid at Kissa-Sakaiki, Tokyo
  • 27th March: Performance with Jerry Gordon, Shin’ichi Isohata  and Chikako Bando (dance) – at MIIT House, Osaka
  • 26th March: Triple bill – Sara Hashimoto and Takayuki Hashimoto, Duo Naoyo Yakushi and Shin’ichi Osohata, Parallel Asteroid – at Nomart Gallery, Osaka
  • 24th March: Parallel Asteroid at Cafe Muriwui, Tokyo
  • 23rd March: Concert with Hisaharu Terruchi – at Knuttel House, Tokyo
  • 21st March: Concert with Tetuzi Akiyama and Ura Hirojuki, at Apollo, Tokyo
  • 20th March: Parallel Asteroid, Tetuzi Akiyama and Ura Hirojuki , at Ftarri, Tokyo

27th February: Concert at Nussbreite  feat. Brad Henkel, Berlin, Germany

17th January: Concert with Tri Minh (electronics) at Festival Krieg Singen, at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin


17th November: Parallel Asteroid at Loophole, Berlin

7th November: Parallel Asteroid and the Belgian Delegation – Benjamin Sauzereau (guitar solo), Van Isacker and Chkifi – at Donau 115, Berlin

16th October: Parallel Asteroid and Gehölzpflege, at Beiruth, Berlin

8th October: Afterburner+ Brad Henkel, Parallel Asteroid, at Donau 115, Berlin

7th October: Brad Henkel and Parallel Asteroid, at Nussbreite, Berlin

27th September – 4th October: Recordings with Swiss Army Wife, RRR Duo and the Swiss 3, Berlin

27th September: Concert with Etienne Nillesen and Florian Zwissler, at Club der Polnischen Versager, Berlin

26th September: Concert with Etienne Nillesen and Florian Zwissler, at Mainzer 7 Kulturraum, Berlin

16th September: Xenofox (Olaf Rupp + Rudi Fischerlehner) and Parallel Asteroid, at Green House, Berlin

28th June: Parallel Asteroid + Rudi Fischerlehner + Emilio Gordoa, Gumbo Series #18, at Green House, Berlin

24th June: Concert at Laboratory Okerstrasse, Berlin

14th June: Concert with Caroline Cecilia Tallone (hurdi gurdi, objects), Rudi Fischerlehner ,  at Club der Polnischen Versager, Berlin

10th June: The Dust Bunny Prophecy//Kürvers/Nana Pi, at Donau 115, Berlin

30th May: Parallel Asteroid at 30 Jahre Berbo Jazz

7th May: Double concert – duo RRR and Parallel Asteroid, at Donau 115, Berlin

Vietnam tour

  • 1st May: Concert of Parallel Asteroid and Domdom Hanoi musicians, Manzi Art Space, Hanoi
  • 22nd April: Closing Concert of the workshop from Parallel Asteroid and musicians of Domdom – Center of Experimental music and Arts, at L’espace – Institut Francais, Hanoi
  • 16th Aril to 22nd April: Parallel Asteroid gives workshop on improvisation and contemporary music at Domdom – Center of Experimental music and Arts, Hanoi

28th February: Parallel Asteroid at Donau 115, Berlin, Germany

23rd February: Concert at Ma Thilda, Berlin

15th January: Parallel Asteroid at Ma Thilda, Berlin

10th January: Parallel Asteroid at Nussbreite, Berlin


14th December: Parallel Asteroid at Quiet Cue Berlin – 5th Anniversary Festival

8th November: Concert at Donau 115, Berlin

30th October: Parallel Asteroid at T-Berlin

8th October: Parallel Asteroid at T-Berlin

7th October: Concert with Brad Henkel, Liz Kosack, Lennart Heyndels, at Club der Polnischen Versager, Berlin

5th October: Parallel Asteroid at “Rosi ich bin im Park”, Berlin

13th September: Parallel Asteroid at Festival Kölner Musiknacht, Cologne

11th September: Concert of Project ” House/Home” at Frischzelle Festival for Intermediale Performance

8th September: Concert at Stadtgarten Köln, Outskirts Series #8, Cologne

1st June: “Berührungen II” performance at Kunsthaus Rhenania – Musiklabor series, Cologne

28th – “House/home” interdisciplinary multimedia concert – at Aula (concert hall) of Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln

26th – “House/home” interdisciplinary multimedia concert – at Kunsthaus Rhenania, Cologne

Vietnam tour

  • 24th to 28th: workshop on improvisation and contemporary music at Domdom – Center of Experimental music and Arts, Hanoi
  • 28th February: Closing Concert of the workshop from Parallel Asteroid and musicians of Domdom – Center of Experimental music and Arts, at Hanoi College of Art
  • 27th February: Concert with Parallel Asteroid and Domdom musicians, at Hanoi Rock City, Hanoi


18th December: Parallel Asteroid at Porgy & Bess – in der Strengen Kammer, Vienna, Austria

9th November: Parallel Asteroid at Lange Nacht der Museen (Long night of Museum), Kunsthaus Rhenania, Cologne, Germany

8th September: “Osmosis” project at STROM Festival for experimental music, Kunsthaus Rhenania Cologne

7th September: “Osmosis” concert at LOFT, Cologne

13th July: MOPS! performance art and improvisation at Atelier Colonia, Cologne

4th July: Parallel Asteroid at Zimmermann, Cologne

25th June: Parallel Asteroid perform “Unknown Identity” – new composition by Sergej Maingardt dedicated to Parallel Asteroid, at Concert hall of Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln

5th June: Concert with Stefan Schönegg and Nicola Hein, at Atomisches Cafe, Cologne

26th June: MOMENT! project – Tanz und Musikimprovisation, at Alte Feuerwache, Cologne

6th June: Parallel Asteroid and Saku Mattila at Roter Platz, Cologne

6th Mai: Concert of Parallel Asteroid and Yoshio Klein, Elisabeth Fügemann, Floria Nica, at Kunsthaus Rhenania, Cologne