Radio cloud

photo at Ars Electronica Festival – Klangwolke, Linz, Austria 2019

„Radio cloud“ is a participatory interactive light-sound-installation, which is based on a real-time and site-specific feedback circuit. The radio sound triggers LED-lights which are situated inside a synthetic cloud-like object, the lights in turn trigger the analogue radio search function via a light sensor. The „Cloud“ is a reference to earlier radio experiments of the late 19th century when forefathers of modern radio, such as E. Branly and A. Popov detected “natural radio” emissions produced by far away lightning-storms with their first receivers, e.g. “Coherer” and similar devices. „Cloud“ in our virtual modern world is a metaphor of always-at-anytime-and-anywhere accessible information and the end of linear mass-communication.
„Radio cloud“ has an unbiased unfiltered „input“ from any available real-time FM frequencies on site, only limited by the range of the antenna and the characteristics of the exhibition space. Its input-media is also its output – light and sound. They are mutually dependent, they define, interact and influence each other. The reciprocality of the two energy forms drive things forwards.
The audience who use two spotlights with switch influences the light intensity in the space, thus “dial” through channels with their spotlights.
This excerpt was recorded at the exhibition of Siedl/Cao at Manzi Hanoi, December 2018.

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