01  Jettatura  4:42
02  East Anglia  6:46
03  Tarantism  7:12
04  Robin Hood Gardens
04  (Steal the City from the Rich)  8:52
05  Zugzwang  5:29
06  The Sixth Sense  8:00
07  Barbican Estate  5:37
08  Ghibli Garden  6:34

Optimistic Modernism

Label: Moloko Plus
Catalog-Nr.:  Plus 102
Format:  CD & 48 pages booklet in a slipcase
Country:  Germany
Release date:  Januar 2019

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Gregor Siedl (AT) – tenor saxophone, Augusto Pirodda (IT) – piano, Garif Telzhanov (KZ) – double bass, Nicola Chkifi (BE) – drums

Catalogue number: SR 1409

Produced by Nicolas Chkifi
Executive Production: Waso De Cauter

Recording by Manolo Cabras at Studio Grez, Brussels – 2013
Mixed by Pascale Snoek
Mastered by Dré Pallemaerts

Paintings by Zurab Telzhanov
Design By Waso De Cauter – Deadline Constructions

. · .

Released December 28, 2017 on Acefalo Records, Chile

Recorded live at Microconcierto Sessions of Acéfalo Recorrds
17 April 2017 / Valparaíso ; Chile

Lan Cao – zither, sampler, piano (Vietnam)
Gregor Siedl – clarinete, electronics (Austria
ToTo Alvarez – guitar (Chile)

recorded and mixed by Gregor Siedl
art cover by Augusto Gómez Fuentes
photo by Gregor Siedl

Released December 2, 2017 on OFF-Records, Belgium

New music for prepared marxophone/zither, clarinet and electronics

Cao Thanh Lan (VN) – marxophone/zither, electronics
Gregor Siedl (AT) – clarinet, electronics

Released January 14, 2017 on La Suite Rec. and El negocito Records

Les Chroniques de l´Inutile

Benjamin Sauzereau – guitar
Erik Bogaerts – alto saxophone & clarinet
Pierre Bernard – flute & bass flute
Gregor Siedl – tenor saxophone
Eric Bribosia – fender rhodes & piano
Lennart Heyndels – bass
Jens Bouttery – drums

Recording Engineer: Pierre Dozin on March 2015 at Jet Studio, Brussels, Belgium
Mixing Engineer: Werner Pensaert at Linster Studio
Mastering Engineer: Steven Maes at Motormusic
Executive Production: Rogé & Benjamin Sauzereau
Co-Production: ~suite & el NEGOCITO Records
Artwork: ‘window’ by Marc Antoine Mathieu
Graphic Design: Laurens Teerlinck

Released January 5, 2013 on DeWerf Records

Gregor Siedl, clarinet & sax
Dorian Dumont, piano
Niels Van Heertum, euphonium
Benjamin Sauzereau, guitar
Jens Maurits Bouttery, drums & compositions
Joris Lindemans, double bass
Daan Milius, video & sampler


European Saxophone Ensemble: “Intimate in public”, Released 2013 on Met X

János Ávéd – tenor and soprano saxophone (Hungary)
Sam Comerford – tenor saxophone (Ireland)
Sylvain Debaisieux – tenor saxophone (Belgium)
Miriam Dirr – soprano and alto saxophone (Germany)
Linda Fredriksson – baritone saxophone (Finland)
Luka Ignjatović – alto saxophone (Serbia)
Tereza Králová – alto saxophone (Czech Republic)
Andy Lévêque – alto and soprano saxophone (France)
Andrea Mocci – bass and soprano saxophone (Italy)
Jandra Puusepp – soprano saxophone (Estonia)
Gregor Siedl – tenor and soprano saxophone (Austria)
Dovydas Stalmokas – baritone and bass saxophone (Lithuania)


Les Chroniques de l´Inutile: “Les Chroniques de l´Inutile”, 2012


Winchovski, “Dreams and Cocktails”, 2011

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