DOKO – “IKEBANA” released 2019 on El Negocito Records

Multiinstrumentalist Gregor Siedl and drummer Nicolas Chkifi have been a close-knit duo for many years with a common drive for improvisational music.

The duo focusses on humanized electronics and beastly batting on their second release (el NEGOCITO Records). Whilst Nicolas has a deep rooting in jazz, African rhythms and a tendency for yoga extravaganza, Gregor´s background entails sound art, contemporary music, Marxist philosophy and botanophilia.

DOKO, the band name, is based on a Japanese word that can be translated as the exclamation « Where ? » and pinpoints the essence of their sonic ventures.
It’s in the momentum of navigating into the unknown, that the spirit of the music shines and enchants the most.

On their latest release they took inspiration from the ancient Japanese art of Ikebana, it´s formal and philosophical inclination and application to spontaneous music arrangement. All tracks are named after wild flowers.

Gregor Siedl – saxophone, clarinet, analog synth & drum sequencer, effects
Nicolas Chkifi – drums & percussions

Recording: Dries van Ende at Zinnema Studio on the 16th & 17th of March 2018
Mixing & Mastering: Dries van Ende
Artwork Drawing: Antonella Cusimano
Graphic Design: Istar Karamemet

DOKO – live at Kultura Liege

DOKO “DOKO” Released 2014 on SPOOKHUIS Records, Gent, Belgium

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Recorded in Brussels at Zennestudio/Zinnema
by Dries van Ende, June 9. 2014

All compositions by Gregor Siedl and Nicolas Chkifi

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