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Music theater production, Premiered on 15.11.2017 at HANOI OPERA

Composers: Gregor Siedl & Cao Thanh Lan,

Performers: Nguyễn Kim Oanh – voice, Cao Thanh Lan – Synthesizer, Daxophone, live-Elektronics, Gregor Siedl – clarinet, Tăm lay, live-Elektronics, Gamecalls, Lữ Mạnh Cường – percussion


Siedl Cao Portrait - BW
Project Zicla, Photo: M. Morre

New music for zither and clarinet

Zicla is a project by duo Lan Cao (VN) – Gregor Siedl (AT) with electro-acoustic compositions and composed improvisations for prepared zither, clarinet and electronics.

Clarinet and zither are commonly known for folk music across the globe. Using these two instruments in a new syntax evokes a familiar and at the same time foreign environment.

The clarinet’s composed pitch and noise structures interweave with particular sounds from the extended zither creating an unusual imaginary space, introspective moods, abstract microtonal dialogues and intriguing sound textures.



Gregor Siedl – saxophone, tubes, gamecalls and Nico Chkifi – drums, percussion

DOKO is Gregor Siedl (AT) and Nicloas Chkifi (BE) – longtime collaborators on saxophone and drums – two voices sharing thoughts and feelings in a dialogue fueled by intuition, deep listening and subtle reactivity. DOKO has been touring extensively in Belgium and Germany. A new record is coming up and will be released in 2017.

Parallel Asteroid

Project Parallel Asteroid

Parallel Asteroid connects experimental, acoustic and electronic sounds with the aesthetics of contemporary music. Their performance is a re-search into the relationship between electronic and organic sounds, creating abstract beauty when these worlds collide. Their music is a result of introspection and the trust to give in to the fragility of the moment where ideas crystalize into abstract shapes and textures. The musicians are the Vietnamese pianist and synthesizer player – Lan Cao and Gregor Siedl from Austria on saxophone, gamecalls and tubes. Parallel Asteroid have been extensively touring in Europe, Japan and Vietnam.

In July 2016 the duo is touring in Brazil playing concerts in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Florianopolis.

Their latest recording „Itinerary“ was released in March 2016 and contains a selection of composed pieces and exemplifies the soundworld of Parallel Asteriod in a format applicable to an audio recording.

Parallel Asteroid have been featured at international festivals and concert venues around the world, amongst others – festival Krieg Singen at Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin, FIME-Festival Internacional de Música Experimental in São Paulo, Ftarri Tokyo, Porgy & Bess Vienna, Festival Ankunft Neue Musik Berlin, Strom Festival Cologne, Musiknacht in Cologne, Frischzelle Festival for Intermedial Performance, 5th anniversary Festival at Quiet Cue Berlin, Stadtgarten Cologne (Double concert with Zeena Parkins &Ikue Mori), Artists in Residence Programm:Hotel Pupik (Scheifling), Institut Francais Hanoi etc.

For their projects and cooperations,they have received grants from – Bundeskanzleramt für Kunst und Kultur, Österreichisches Kulturforum Tokyo, Kulturamt Niederösterreich, Österreichische Botschaft Hanoi, Institut Francais, ON-Neue Musik Köln, Ministerium für Kultur in Nordrhein-Westfalen (MFKJKS-NRW), Rhein-Energie Stiftung.

With their two educational projects and workshops in collaboration with Domdom Center for Experimental Music and Art in Hanoi, Parallel Asteroid has helped developing the music scene, educating and inspiring young musicians in Vietnam.

Realtime-Kompositionen für präpariertes Marxophone (Zither), Gitarre, Klarinette und Elektronik

Lan Cao (VN) – präparierte Marxophone, Elektronik
Beat Keller (CH) – Elektrische Gitarre
Gregor Siedl (AT) – Klarinette, Elektronik

Das Trio balanciert zwischen zeitgenössischer- und experimenteller Musik unter Verwendung von Elementen beider Strömungen. Die elektroakustische Instrumentation, die aus Althergebrachtem und Neuem schöpft und der natürliche Fluß der Klangereignisse, in dem die Identitäten der Klänge aufgehoben und stetig klar hörbar bleiben führt zu einem Hörerlebnis in dem sich unbeschreibliche Gefühle und Stimmungen entfalten.

Junk Orbit

Junk Orbit

Gregor Siedl – amplified saxophone
Lan Cao – analogue synthesizer
Nicola Hein – electric guitar and treatments
Burkhard Beins – electro-acoustic percussion

A team-up of  Berlin’s Echtzeit-percussionist Burkhard Beins, Cologne’s up-and-coming electric guitarist Nicola Hein, Viennese saxophonist Gregor Siedl and  Lan Cao on analogue synthesizer for a highly energetic yet very distinctive electro-acoustic hybrid. In Junk Orbit their solar sails are constantly threatened by widely unpredictable chunks of cultural debris.

Osmosis Project

“Osmosis” experiments with and combines selected genres and elements of traditional Vietnamese music with European contemporary music, instrumental extended techniques, live electronics and conceptual improvisation.

We incorporate in Osmosis project two diffrent styles of Chanting poem- ” Ngam tho”, one from the North of Vietnam and the other from Hue- an imperial city in Central Vietnam. “Hat van”, “ Xẩm” and “ Ca trù” are the three traditional and living music genres of “Chanting poem” /”Reciting poem” from which we draw materials. Vietnamese is a melodious language with 6 different fixed intonations. “Chanting poem” with its improvisatory embellishment and melismas enhance the beauty of the language itself, the emotive power and the multilayered  meanings behind each poetic word. This intuitive improvisation is based on expression corresponds to European traditions of Troubadour, Gregorian chants, and to modern free improvisation.

The key factor of the project is the singer Kim Oanh from Hanoi, Vietnam. She has dedicated more than 40 years of her music career for Vietnamese traditional music, studied with several leading national artists most notably Quach Thi Ho – Ca Tru and Kim Sinh – Cai Luong.


Gregor Siedl (AT) – tenor saxophone, Augusto Pirodda (IT) – piano, Garif Telzhanov (KZ) – double bass, Nicola Chkifi (BE) – drums

Black Lili

Gregor Siedl (AT) – saxophones, Benjamin Prischi (FR) – keyboards, synthesizer, Nicolas Chkifi (BE) – drums

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